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July 4 Parade and Picnic
Legacy Screen Wall Replacement Update
Emergency Preparedness
Annual Meeting Recap
Presentation Made at City Workshop on "Best Neighborhoods" Program
Peanut Butter Drive to Support N. Texas Food Bank
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Winner of Best Neighborhood Award
Upcoming Events
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July 4 Parade and Picnic

Whiffletree celebrated 4th of July with its annual parade and picnic. As in previous years, we were honored by Plano Fire and Police personnel who led the parade around the neighborhood. Following the parade, we recited the Pledge of Allegiance and sang the National Anthem in recognition of the momentous events 243 years ago leading to the formation of the USA.

The picnic was held at the pavilion at Prairie Meadow Park where the Hamburger Man served a fantastic lunch to 163 neighbors and a number of Plano Police Officers.

Special thanks to Karen Slott, Whiffletree HOA Social Committee Chairperson, for all her work organizing the event with support from our great HOA board members, Tom Slott for his outstanding photography work, the Hamburger Man for a great lunch, Plano Fire and Police for leading the parade, and of course, all the Whiffletree neighbors who participated in this annual event.

To see photos, click on the PHOTOS button at the top of the webpage or click on the following link: .

As always, we welcome any comments/suggestions to make this an even better event.

Legacy Screening Wall Replacement Update

The City of Plano project to replace the screening wall along Legacy from the west edge of Whiffletree to Harvey is moving forward.  We were informed that approving the construction contract is expected to be an agenda item at the 22 July 2019 City Council meeting.  Feedback from the presentation at our annual HOA meeting has been incorporated and members of the Whiffletree HOA board met with the Engineering Department leaders responsible for the project on Friday.

The contractor will be Ratcliff Construction as a result of their competitive bid.  They also have significant successful experience working with the city.  The project is actually for four screening walls with a total length of approximately one mile and the total construction contract is almost $3.4 million.  Our screening wall along Legacy is roughly 1,000 feet.  Funding for the project comes from the City of Plano Community Investment Program.

Shortly after a successful contract award, there is expected to be a Preconstruction Neighborhood meeting that will include the contractor and provide an opportunity to learn more about what will happen during construction.  Homeowners along the wall will be specifically invited and all are welcome.  At that time the contractor will provide a schedule of when specific construction activities will occur.  It will be a significant construction project with the result a very solid and long lasting wall.  With city support for landscaping replacement, our area along Legacy should have a refreshed look and retain the very positive entrance impression we provide.

We intend to continue our engagement with the city and please let us know if you wish additional information.  Thanks also for the support of your Whiffletree HOA.

Emergency Preparedness

City of Plano Emergency Management held a recent workshop on how emergencies are handled in the area and recommended steps for residents to take to protect their families.  The most important recommendation was to sign up for Plano City Call notification, which is a service that provides emergency notifications by email, phone (voice message recording) and/or text.  The service is similar to the Amber alerts that you may occasionally see on your phone.  On the website ( you can tailor which type of alerts you want to receive and by what method (phone call message, text and/or email). This service also includes notification of road/traffic issues on many of the local major roads around Plano area.

Also, in the package of information supplied at this workshop, it is recommended that residents prepare for possible emergency by having a personal safety plan and a safety kit with several items that might be useful in the event of a serious emergency (see slides 21-25 of EmergencyPreparedness presentation).

Annual Meeting Recap

On April 1, Whiffletree HOA (WHOA) held its Annual meeting at Davis Library where officers and committee chairpersons were elected and the annual budget for the upcoming fiscal year and revisions to bylaws were approved.  (Refer to the DETAILED RECAP of the Annual meeting for more information. This appears in the side-bar on the right side of this page).

Presentation Made at City Workshop on "Best Neighborhoods" Program

On February 20, Plano Neighborhood Services held a workshop to assist Homeowners Associations (HOAs) to apply for and be recognized with BEST Neighborhoods Designation. As part of the workshop where Neighborhood Services personnel described the application process and key factors in the evaluation process, Whiffletree HOA (WHOA) was asked to present to the attendees how Whiffletree achieved Platinum level (highest level) recognition by the City of Plano.

Bill Ostergren, WHOA Treasurer, and Tom Dixon, WHOA Beautification Committee Chairman, presented to the audience of over 30 people, representing more than 10 HOAs. Whiffletree was the only HOA presenting to the group. The presentation was very well received and triggered several questions (CLICK HERE to view the WHOA presentation).

WHOA was honored to make this presentation and share its experience with the BEST application process and to showcase what a fantastic neighborhood Whiffletree is. Special thanks to Tom Dixon and Bill Ostergren for their work on preparing the presentation and for such an outstanding job of communicating what Whiffletree does to make it an exceptional neighborhood. Great job guys!

Peanut Butter Drive - We collected 1,012 lbs

Thanks to the enormous generosity of Whiffletree families, we collected 1,012 lbs. of peanut butter for the North Texas Food Bank. It was an amazing effort, nearly double what we collected last year.

We received congratulations from Mayor Harry LaRosiliere’s office, from Plano Neighborhood Services, from the North Texas Food Bank, and from Davis Library staff. Whiffletree residents were very generous and we should all be very proud of our neighborhood. Many thanks for all of your many generous donations. Our residents proved once again that we have a lot of heart and that we deserve our BEST Platinum designation from the city. Most important, our drive supporting the North Texas Food Bank will feed a lot of hungry Collin County residents. Thank you all very much!

Special thanks go to Tom Dixon and Bill Ostergren for the time that both of them spent collecting peanut butter from Whiffletree neighbors

About the Whiffletree V-VII Homeowners Association

The Whiffletree V-VII Homeowners Association is a residential subdivision comprised of 477 homes. It is a family-oriented neighborhood which is located just north of Legacy Drive, east of Coit Road in Plano, Texas.

Any resident of the Whiffletree V-VII neighborhood can become a paid member of the Homeowners Association. It doesn't matter if you are renting or if you own your home. We welcome all residents.

We want to formally welcome all new residents and hope each of you finds caring neighbors and a friendly atmosphere that add so much to the quality of life here in Whiffletree V-VII.

Winner of Best Neighborhood Award - Platinum Level

Whiffletree is a 2016 “Plano BEST Neighborhoods,” Platinum Award recipient! We were formally recognized by the Mayor and the Plano City Council at their meeting on December 12, 2016. Platinum is the highest recognition level,  and only four Plano neighborhoods received it.  Of the four, we are the only one with a non-mandatory (voluntary) Home Owners Association.

This is a very proud moment for Whiffletree V, VI, VII and we want you to share in the excitement!  For more information about the “BEST” program and the award presentation visit Thank you to all of our residents for your support of our Whiffletree neighborhood.

bestneighboraward2017 Summit Whiffletree_199x149

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Upcoming Events

TBD National Night Out

Past Events

Jul 4 Annual July 4 Bike Parade and Picnic
Jun 6 D-Day Remembrance - 75th Anniversary @ Plano Event Center (2000 East Spring Creek Pkwy), 7pm - 8:15pm
Apr 1 WHOA Annual meeting and Election
Jan 21 Whiffletree Winter Social at Napoli's Italian Restaurant
Nov 10 Neighborhood Garage Sale
Oct 16 Home Security Presentation by Plano Police Dept., Oct. 16 at 7PM
Where: Hardy Room, 7501-A Independence Pkwy (Building next to Davis Library).
Oct 2 National Night Out - 6-8 PM at Prairie Meadow Park.
Jul 4 Annual July 4 Bike Parade and Picnic; CLICK HERE for pictures and recap
Apr 8 WHOA Annual meeting at Davis Library, begins at NOON
Jan 28 Winter Social; 6PM - 8PM at Lita's (7224 Independence Pkwy, Plano);

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Whiffletree Leadership

President: Jim Skelly
Vice President: Tommy Mrazek
Treasurer: Bill Ostergren
Secretary: Lisa Kravitz
Crime Watch: Tom Moore
Membership/Directory: H.B. Bartz
Beautification: Tom Dixon
Social/Activities: Karen Slott
Welcoming: Angela Hurn

Watering Guidelines for Winter Months (Apr 2019 - Oct 2019)

We are permitted to water a maximum of twice per week. Avoid watering between 10AM and 6PM and when rain is in the forecast. Even addresses can water on Mondays and Thursdays. Odd addresses can water on Tuesdays and Fridays. 


HOA Dues ($120) now being collected

To Pay by Credit Card or PayPal

A Credit Card or Paypal can be used to pay your annual HOA dues. To do this, click on the PAY NOW button (appears below).

Whiffletree V, VI, VII HOA Dues

To Pay by Check

If you prefer to mail a check, make the check payable to "WHOA" in the amount of $120 and mail this to PMB 288; 3948 Legacy Drive, Ste. 106; Plano TX 75023-8300. Thank you for your support.


For all current and potential residents of the Whiffletree V-VII Homeowners Association, a copy of the organization's BYLAWS can be viewed by CLICKING HERE.


Click on the image above or CLICK HERE to view the Newsletter

National Night Out 2018

For a recap of the National Night Out 2018 Event, CLICK HERE.

Detailed Recap of Annual Meeting

To view a detailed recap of the Annual meeting, CLICK HERE.

Winter Social Recap

The WHOA Winter Social was held on Jan. 21, at Napoli's Italian Restaurant. Pictures from this event can be viewed by CLICKING HERE TO VIEW PICTURES.

The Winter Social was attended by 104 Whiffletree HOA members and has been a long-time annual event sponsored by the Whiffletree HOA for neighbors to meet neighbors in a fun, social setting.  By all reports, everyone enjoyed the classic Italian meal and the opportunity to meet their neighbors.

Alan Kravitz, Whiffletree HOA President, welcomed all the attendees to the Winter Social and highlighted that this is the premier annual event for the Whiffletree HOA and was so happy to see such a great turnout.

Thanks to Karen Slott for organizing this event and Napoli’s management and staff for the great food and service.