Member Benefits

Member Benefits

Any resident of the Whiffletree V-VII neighborhood can become a paid member of the Homeowners Association. It doesn’t matter if you are renting or if you own your home. The majority of the dues collected support the landscaping and maintenance of the 4 entrances to the neighborhood.  Whiffletree has long been recognized as a beautiful and attractive neighborhood in which to live.  Your dues are a major factor is our neighborhood having such an exceptional reputation.  Homeowner Association membership dues are $120 per year per household if paid by check and $124 if paid with a credit card, and the benefits of membership are numerous. For example …

Neighborhood Directory

Your HOA publishes a neighborhood directory each year during the fall. It is distributed to all paid members at no extra charge. The information for the directory comes from the membership form which we ask all of our paid members to complete at the time they pay annual dues. The information can be provided by filling out the membership form provided with your dues invoice, or online on this web-site.

Membership Form

The membership form is the primary source for resident information in the directory. The membership form is available on this website (click on the MEMBERSHIP FORM in the navigation bar).  Two options are available for submitting  membership information.

  • OPTION 1 (ONLINE form – preferred option): go to the MEMBERSHIP FORM page of this website, fill in the online form and click on the SUBMIT button when completed.
  • OPTION 2 (PAPER form): go to the MEMBERSHIP FORM page of this website and click on a link near the top of the page that says “To View or PRINT a “Paper Copy” of the membership form, CLICK HERE. This option will allow you to display and print a paper copy of the membership form, which you can then fill out and mail along with your dues payment to the address that appears at the bottom of the form.

If at all possible, please complete the form online because handwritten forms are often difficult to read and could lead to directory errors.

The most important aspects of the directory are the Name, Street Address, Cell Phone Numbers, and Email Address of the adult residents.  There is additional information you may elect to provide on the form, such as children’s names, birthdate (MMYY so we don’t need to change the age of the child every year), and services offered by the children (such as babysitting, lawn mowing, house sitting, pet sitting).   Including children’s names and birthdates in the directory is strictly voluntary.

The membership form also allows you to decide if you want to have your email address and phone number(s) published in the directory or not.  Obviously a directory is much more valuable if you allow your contact information to be included.  But even if you don’t want your phone and email address published in the directory, it is highly advisable that you provide us this information so we (the Board) can more effectively communicate with you, especially in the case of an emergency.  For example if you leave for vacation and inadvertently leave your garage door up, or your sprinkler system gets stuck in the on position, or someone breaks into your house, or there is a fire, etc., it would be helpful if we could call or email you to inform you of this emergency. Your email address and contact information will never be sold or given away to outside parties. 

The neighborhood directory will contain the names and addresses of all residents (not just paid residents).  For all non-paid residents and for paid residents who do not fill out the membership form, the directory will simply include the person’s name on the deed and the address of the property.  This information is all part of the Texas Public Information Act (PIA) which was enacted more than four decades ago.

The Neighborhood Directory contains lots of great information and we are excited to bring it back to you!

Here is a quick recap of the types of information contained in the Annual Directory:

Contents of our new Neighborhood Directory

  • WHOA Board of Directors
  • List of schools in the neighborhood
  • Services offered by children (appears in Street sequence as well as in Name sequence)
  • List of residents (in Name sequence as well as in Street sequence)
  • The Emergency Early Warning System is explained. Each week a test is performed by the City of Plano. Details are included which identify the various types of sirens, and what to do when you hear a warning siren.
  • Our Crime Watch program
  • What to do if you become a victim of Identity Theft
  • The Plano Recycling program
  • Important Phone Numbers
  • A map of our neighborhood

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Neighborhood Activities and Other Benefits

Some of the most popular neighborhood activities are as follows:

  • Multiple social events each year
  • Welcome gift issued to new resident paid members (during their first year only)
  • The neighborhood directory issued only to paid members.
  • As newsletters are published, they will be emailed, posted onto Whiffletree HOA website and Facebook page as well as
  • Neighborhood garage sale
    The neighborhood garage sale is very popular and is usually held in the Fall. The homeowners association takes care of all advertising. Each resident holds their own garage sale and keeps all of the money from items sold (you just don’t have to mess with the advertising … plus neighborhood garage sales have a tendency to attract a large number of shoppers and also reduces the number of garage sales held in the neighborhood at other times during the year). Only members of the neighborhood association will be notified of the date and time of this event

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