Plano Fall Into Fitness Neighborhood Exercise Competition - November 2020

City of Plano Neighborhood Services has announced a fun competition among neighborhoods to promote exercise and fitness, called Fall into Fitness. You can join with fellow Whiffletree neighbors to track and record your physical activities, which can include walking, running or jogging on a path, trail, and/or treadmill, Zoomba, Boot Camp, yoga, biking, etc.

You can sign up at At the bottom of the registration form is the field, Neighborhood Name. Use the arrow and scroll down the neighborhood listing to Whiffletree V, VI, VII. Once you complete the registration you will receive a confirmation email, which will include web link to upload your minutes exercising.

During the month of November, you record your time (in minutes) exercising using an app or device that tracks your time. If you use a fitness/smart watch, treadmill or other exercise equipment, you can take a screen shot of your watch or the equipment display to record it. You’ll then just upload that to the website. You can also manually enter the number of minutes of activity into the system if there is no way to track minutes on a device. This way regardless of the activity type, everyone can get the credit for the minutes of exercise they complete. The system will total the minutes over the course of the month by neighborhood so we can see we are doing. You can also upload selfies during and after your activity. Plano Neighborhood Services would love to see your activity!

This looks to be a fun event that promotes a healthy lifestyle. I hope we have many Whiffletree neighbors that sign up. Please move quickly since registration is limited.

Any questions, please contact Jim Skelly (tel: 214-505-0862).

Whiffletree Garage Sale, Saturday, November 7, 2020

It's that time of year again! We are planning a Neighborhood Garage Sale for November 7, 2020. On that day, WHOA will put up a banner indicating the neighborhood garage sale. This is a good time to clean out unwanted items and have a garage sale when others in the neighborhood are having garage sales at the same time.

Each household is responsible for their own garage sale permit. For information about holding a garage sale, CLICK HERE. We have put up posts on various websites that advertise garage sales. When you apply for a garage sale permit (FREE) with City of Plano, your garage sale will be added to a map indicating homes that are having sales. No other advertising is needed!

Here are some tips that may help you in getting ready for a garage sale.

  • Make an inventory list of what you want to sell
  • Group items that can be put in a box and sold at a general price, like books or toys
  • Get price stickers (you can find these at an office supply store)
  • Get or make signs - see the City of Plano website above for rules about signs
  • Decide how you are going to display items - do you need tables? Will everything be on the driveway?
  • Get cash for change: $1, $5, $10, and $20 bills, and maybe a roll of quarters - have shopping bags or cardboard boxes on hand to help people carry their goods

The 2020 Texas Recycles Day is on November 14, and being held at Chase Oaks Church parking lot. This is a great way to donate items you didn't sell at your garage sale. For more information, see

Picnic and Car Show - October 24, 2020

Whiffletree hosted its first Picnic in the Park & Classic Car Showcase on Saturday, October 24.  Despite the first cold snap of the season, there was great turnout to enjoy hot dogs and drinks from Sonic and to view some of Whiffletree neighbors’ beautiful cars.  The cars ran the gamut from an original (restored) 1966 Chevelle to the latest in technology, Tesla.  The kids had a blast running from one car to the next, and the adults enjoyed the sunshine. There were some new faces who enjoyed meeting their neighbors, and some old ones who enjoyed reminiscing about the early days in Whiffletree. The cars that participated:

  • 2012 Chevy Camaro 2LS ( black)
  • 1981 Porsche 911 ( white)
  • 1997 Mustang Convertible ( white)
  • 2018 Chevrolet Camaro SS Convertible ( maroon)
  • 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle SS (Black)
  • American Car Classic 2000 GTO, Pontiac, Rolled off the assembly line in 1999, in Kansas, on a Tuesday.

Thanks to everyone who attended and special thanks to Angela Hurn for creating this first of its kind event in Whiffletree.  Given the positive feedback and excellent turnout, this may become an annual event.   You can see photos of this event by going to the PHOTOS tab.

Onsite Document Shredding Truck for Paid Whiffletree HOA Members - October 17, 2020

Whiffletree HOA invites all paid members to bring papers & documents that you need shredded to our drivethrough event at Mathews Elementary on Saturday, October 17, 9-11 AM.

CLICK HERE to RSVP by Wednesday, October 14th if you are interested in using this service. Be sure to check your email before the event to see if you have been assigned a drop-off time slot to reduce wait time in line.

We will observe the COVID-19 protocols to ensure the safety of volunteers and residents.

  • In addition to documents to be shredded, please bring a single sheet of paper containing your name & address
  • Drive to event and queue-up on Caravan Drive
  • Stay in your vehicle until you pull up to collection bins
  • Place paper with your name in the collection box indicated by an HOA volunteer and deposit documents to be shredded into shredding bin.
  • You can wait in your car while the shredding employee transfers the documents to the shredding truck and they are destroyed.
  • Drive away.

Again, CLICK HERE to RSVP by Wednesday, October 14.

Special RING Promotional Program  October 9-18, 2020

Whiffletree HOA has secured an exclusive promotional program with Ring for all Whiffletree neighbors to purchase many Ring products at $40 discount off list price on Ring website ( The promotional program runs from October 9 to October 18. CLICK HERE  for more details as well as the promo code that you use at checkout to receive the $40 discount. This is excellent opportunity to add security devices around your home at discounted price.

If you need technical assistance to install Ring product(s) that you purchase, fellow Whiffletree neighbor, Steve Marshall, is available to provide technical and/or installation support. Steve can be reached at or 817-401-5719. His contact info is also listed in the Whiffletree Directory.

2020 National Night Out (NNO) Was VIRTUAL This Year

As stated in the recently released Whiffletree newsletter, Plano Police Department (PPD) cancelled the in-person NNO event that was scheduled for Tuesday, October 6 due to the pandemic. This was disappointing since NNO has been a popular event in Whiffletree where many of our neighbors could meet. In its place, PPD held Virtual National Night Out, in which PPD Chief, Ed Drain, spoke about important topics in our society today and reviewed how PPD is doing in its mission. Chief Drain's National Night Out presentation can be viewed by CLICKING HERE.

We hope you can review this informative presentation.

2020 Membership Drive

A couple of changes have been implemented regarding the membership form and the amount of dues being charged for credit card/paypal payments. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS.

Peanut Butter Drive for North Texas Food Bank (2020)

Thank you to the many generous neighbors in Whiffletree for their donations to the annual North Texas Food Bank (NTFB) Peanut Butter (PB) drive, an important event to help address hunger in our region. Whiffletree residents donated 3,470 pounds of PB via online donations at NTFB website and actual PB, which is more than double what we donated in 2019. Whiffletree was the 2019 winner of the City of Plano Nuttiest Neighborhood Award for highest PB donation per household. We are hopeful that we will repeat in 2020. This amazing accomplishment shows Whiffletree as a generous and caring neighborhood. Thank you!

Whiffletree Drive-By Concert Encores (August 4-5, 2020, 6:30 - 8:30 PM)

Whiffletree hosted Drive-By Concerts on August 4th & 5th, 2020

The musician, Cameron Havens, and sound company, Blue Circle Media, put on a great show.  Great to see many Whiffletree neighbors outside enjoying the event.  Thank you to Jennifer Shertzer of Plano Magazine for organizing this event.

Annual Meeting was held 6/23/20 via Zoom

On June 23, Whiffletree V, VI, VII Home Owners Association held its annual meeting via ZOOM to elect board members and to review and approve the annual budget for fiscal year (FY), April 1, 2020 - March 31, 2021.  As stated in the WHOA Bylaws, the existing Board proposed a slate of officers and committee chairpersons to the membership attending the meeting, which was unanimously approved.  The new WHOA board serves until March 31, 2021, and we thank them for their service to their neighborhood.

  • President: Jim Skelly
  • Vice President: Tommy Mrazek
  • Secretary: Lisa Kravitz
  • Treasurer: Bill Ostergren
  • Beautification Committee Chair: Tom Dixon
  • Crime Watch Committee Chair: Tom Moore
  • Membership Committee Chair: HB Bartz
  • Social Committee Chair: Angela Hurn
  • Welcoming Committee Chair: Lucy Lorenzo

The annual budget was then presented by Treasurer, Bill Ostergren.  You can review the budget by CLICKING HERE. During his presentation, Bill noted that the budget was based on assumption of 314 paid memberships in FY 2021, which compares to 312 paid memberships in FY 2020.  The proposed budget was approved unanimously.

Bill Ostergren also stated that paid memberships for FY 2021 currently stand at 239.  This may necessitate spending reductions if paid memberships fall substantially short of budgeted levels.  Since Beautification, Annual Directory and Social Events consume the largest portion of our annual budget, we may have to find ways to reduce those expenses or tap into our reserve funds, which are intended to fund large capital investments to our entrances.  Our HOA is voluntary and dues remain low at $120 per year if paid by check or $124 if paid online.  Your HOA strives to keep Whiffletree’s property values high and maintain our community-wide reputation for being a great place to live!  We depend on all our residents to support those efforts. You may send a $120 check (payable to WHOA) to the Whiffletree mailbox (PMB 288, 3948 Legacy Drive, Suite 106, Plano, TX  75023).  It is also easy to pay online at   Go to the “Pay Dues” tab on the website and pay with your credit card or PayPal.

No matter how you remit payment, please visit our website and ensure that your household information is correct.  If you have any changes, use the Membership Form tab and make your updates.  If you have any questions or concerns please call or email Membership Chairperson, HB Bartz (972-208-9689 or  Thank you!

The annual meeting was adjourned with special thanks to those neighbors that participated and to all board members for their commitment to serve.

Public Health Emergency - Updated (March 16, 2020)

On March 16, Plano declared public health emergency. See post from Plano. For more information, go to City of Plano website, Additionally, City of Plano posts daily statistic about COVID-19, which can be found at:

Winter Social (Napoli's Italian Restaurant) - 2019

Whiffletree Winter Social was held at Napoli’s Italian Restaurant and was attended by 102 Whiffletree neighbors.  In addition to the great food, everyone had a great time meeting neighbors.  Thanks to Karen Slott, Social Chairperson, as well as the management and team at Napoli’s for a fantastic evening.

 Survey Results From Our Neighborhood (2019)

Plano Neighborhood Services distributed a survey to several neighborhoods in Plano to assess current views about living in these neighborhoods. Whiffletree was one of the neighborhoods that participated in the survey. We want to thank the 111 Whiffletree residents that responded to the survey. Your inputs are valued.

CLICK HERE to see the survey results. The survey highlighted that there are many special people in Whiffletree that care about their neighbors and their community. The survey also highlighted that we can do more to engage with our neighbors. The Whiffletree HOA leadership is reviewing the survey results and will develop an action plan to improve upon our communication and engagement. Again, thanks for taking the time to respond to the survey and for your inputs.

Peanut Butter Drive - Final Results (2019)

Thanks to the generous support of our Whiffletree neighbors, we donated 1,717 pounds of peanut butter this year to the North Texas Food Bank Peanut Butter Drive, up from 1,012 pounds in 2018.

Every September, the North Texas Food Bank hosts a peanut butter drive to help combat hunger in Collin County. Plano Mayor, Harry LaRosilliere, a strong partner of this drive says, “This is the time of year where our community comes together to spread hope with their generosity and care." This year, City of Plano Neighborhood Services sponsored an award called the “The Nuttiest Neighborhood” to be awarded to the neighborhood that collects the most peanut butter per household.

Whiffletree was recognized at North Texas Food Bank (NTFB) Peanut Butter Drive Awards Ceremony for the tremendous contribution made by Whiffletree neighbors.  We were awarded Nuttiest Neighborhood Award by Mayor Harry LaRosiliere.  We thanked the Mayor for this award and received it in honor of all the Whiffletree neighbors that donated to the peanut butter drive.

During the ceremony, which recognized the contributions of neighborhoods, businesses, community organizations and cities & towns to this event, NTFB announced that they raised 190,251 pounds of PB, more than 3X what was raised in 2018, an outstanding effort by so many people and organizations in Collin County.  Whiffletree was proud to have made a significant contribution to this achievement, all because of you, our neighbors!

National Night Out - 2019

National Night Out (NNO) is an annual event hosted by the National Association of Town Watch and occurs the first Tuesday in October. The Plano Police Department participates in National Night Out and is proud of the commitment our community has to this program.”

“The primary purpose of National Night Out is to get neighbors to leave their front porch lights on, showing their support with their local police departments in the fight against crime. Neighbors are encouraged to get out of their houses and meet other neighbors in the area and get to know them. The theory being that if neighbors meet and get to know each other, they are more apt to report suspicious activity in their neighborhood rather than “look the other way” when they see something noteworthy. When you know your neighbors and watch out for them, overall crime in the area is reduced.”

Whiffletree HOA has proudly participated in NNO for several years to encourage neighbors to meet neighbors as well as police and fire personnel.  On October 1, there were 60 Whiffletree neighbors at NNO, which was held at Prairie Meadow Park and catered by Henry’s Ice Cream.  We also hosted a large contingent of neighbors from adjoining Estates of Forest Creek (EFC) as well as a number of Plano Police and Fire Department personnel.

We want to thank Tom Moore for his work to make NNO a success and for all our neighbors (and EFC neighbors) who joined us and the Plano Police and Fire personnel.

July 4, 2019 Parade and Picnic

Whiffletree celebrated 4th of July with its annual parade and picnic. As in previous years, we were honored by Plano Fire and Police personnel who led the parade around the neighborhood. Following the parade, we recited the Pledge of Allegiance and sang the National Anthem in recognition of the momentous events 243 years ago leading to the formation of the USA.

The picnic was held at the pavilion at Prairie Meadow Park where the Hamburger Man served a fantastic lunch to 163 neighbors and a number of Plano Police Officers.

Special thanks to Karen Slott, Whiffletree HOA Social Committee Chairperson, for all her work organizing the event with support from our great HOA board members, Tom Slott for his outstanding photography work, the Hamburger Man for a great lunch, Plano Fire and Police for leading the parade, and of course, all the Whiffletree neighbors who participated in this annual event.

To see photos, click on the PHOTOS button at the top of the webpage or click on the following link: .

As always, we welcome any comments and suggestions to make this an even better event.

Legacy Screening Wall Replacement Update - Projected to Start in April

The project to replace the screening wall along Legacy Drive is getting close.  It is now scheduled to start in April although weather could delay its start.

During the construction, we can expect the following to occur:

  • One lane of westbound Legacy will be closed during the day.
  • The sidewalk along Legacy will be closed.
  • The sidewalk and alley will be completely renovated.
  • The alleys along Legacy will be impacted for 3-4 weeks by wall reconstruction and alley repaving. This will limit access to the alley for the residents facing Legacy and will require trash pickup in front as well as limit access to garages via the alley.  The construction company plans to advise effected residents either with direct communication or by leaving a flyer on the door informing them when/how the alley will be impacted.

When the wall is completed, the contractor will remediate the entrances, including electrical and sprinkler service. The City of Plano Project Manager instructed Whiffletree HOA (WHOA) to obtain bid to replace the plantings at the Harvey and Marchman entrances for review and reimbursement by the City of Plano.

WHOA board has been following this project for several years and is pleased that it is finally getting close. We will continue to monitor this project closely to ensure that the impacted residents and the entrances are handled as committed.

Emergency Preparedness

City of Plano Emergency Management held a recent workshop on how emergencies are handled in the area and recommended steps for residents to take to protect their families.  The most important recommendation was to sign up for Plano City Call notification, which is a service that provides emergency notifications by email, phone (voice message recording) and/or text.  The service is similar to the Amber alerts that you may occasionally see on your phone.  On the website ( you can tailor which type of alerts you want to receive and by what method (phone call message, text and/or email). This service also includes notification of road/traffic issues on many of the local major roads around Plano area.

Also, in the package of information supplied at this workshop, it is recommended that residents prepare for possible emergency by having a personal safety plan and a safety kit with several items that might be useful in the event of a serious emergency (see slides 21-25 of EmergencyPreparedness presentation).

Presentation Made at City Workshop on "Best Neighborhoods" Program (Feb. 20, 2019)

On February 20, Plano Neighborhood Services held a workshop to assist Homeowners Associations (HOAs) to apply for and be recognized with BEST Neighborhoods Designation. As part of the workshop where Neighborhood Services personnel described the application process and key factors in the evaluation process, Whiffletree HOA (WHOA) was asked to present to the attendees how Whiffletree achieved Platinum level (highest level) recognition by the City of Plano.

Bill Ostergren, WHOA Treasurer, and Tom Dixon, WHOA Beautification Committee Chairman, presented to the audience of over 30 people, representing more than 10 HOAs. Whiffletree was the only HOA presenting to the group. The presentation was very well received and triggered several questions (CLICK HERE to view the WHOA presentation).

WHOA was honored to make this presentation and share its experience with the BEST application process and to showcase what a fantastic neighborhood Whiffletree is. Special thanks to Tom Dixon and Bill Ostergren for their work on preparing the presentation and for such an outstanding job of communicating what Whiffletree does to make it an exceptional neighborhood. Great job guys!